1. General information

1.1 lolchutkule.com (referenced below as "Website") offers products and services, functions and performances introduced as part of the service (referenced below as "Services"), which may be carried out by different domains, systems, platforms or devices. The subject of this Privacy Policy covers the use of the afore-mentioned Services.
1.2 The Privacy Policy comes along with Terms of Services (ToS): https://lolchutkule.com/terms

2. General information & data protection

2.1 The User allows the Website to collect, process and use personally identifiable data - the data, which individually identify, contact and locate a person (e.g. name, e-mail address) – to the extent instrumental for the implication and execution of the contractual relationship between the User and the Website, request performance and etc.
2.2 The Website protects the User’s personally identifiable data from illicit access and exploitation using technical and organizational security means. Perforce the security monitoring is being regularly executed.
2.3 In order to personalize, improve and continue to operate its Services the Website will collect, process and use the User’s usage data allowing the Website to evaluate its content relevancy (e.g. what links the User have clicked on, what information he/she shared via e-mail or social media), the use of Services and communication data.
2.4 According to the law the Website is obliged to uncover and submit the data in case of criminal prosecution and for risk prevention purposes.
2.5 When the User interacts with the Services, the Website automatically receives and records the information from the User’s device in web server log files. The technical and security means authorize the storage of every User’s information on IP address, referring URL, date/time, browser version and operating system. This information is used for fighting spam/malware and facilitation of data collection associated with the User’s interaction with the Website.

3. Information on Personally Identifiable Data Collection, Processing and Use

3.1 When the User registers and uses the Website Services, he/she provides information, such as his/her username, password and e-mail address. Therefore, as the User voluntarily submits the personal data, the Website is freed from any claims arising hereafter.
3.2 Since the User agrees on giving away his/her personally identifiable data to the Website, the User allows the Website and others to identify him/her. The data shall be used for the supply of the Website Services, User’s order processing and execution. Here the User agrees to receive newsletters on advertising material, technical issues and etc.
3.3 In case the User registers and logs in to the Service through a third party – Facebook - the User gives the Website permission to access and use all his/her data available through Facebook: public profile, photos, friends list, e-mail address and "Like", comment, share information. The collection, storage and use of such data come in accordance with Facebook policies.
3.4 With the authentication by a third party the User determines the data accessible to the Website: the data that is selected to be released in the context of the authentication, and which data has been authorized by the User in the privacy or other settings of the User account at the third party.
3.5 In the process of authentication by a third party the password that has been entered is not visible to the Website, so it cannot be saved.
3.6 In case the User no longer wants to use his/her account at the third party to access the Service, he/she has to cancel the connection between the third party and the Website within the User’s account at the third party.
3.7 In case the User wants to delete the data at the Website, he/she must cancel their account at the Website.
3.8 The Website kindly urges the User to mind the applicable Terms of Service and the Rules for Data Use issued by the third party, which can be found: https://www.facebook.com/policies/.

4. Notification Letters and Newsletters

4.1 The User gives consent to receive not service-related newsletters and e-mails, which may contain advertisements, but allow the Website to fulfill its duties and perform services. Such newsletters and e-mails may follow their respective description and information on the Website’s Services or the events and third party information.
4.2. In case the User wants to unsubscribe from these messages, he/she can do this through Account settings. Yet, the Website reserves the right to contact the User who has unsubscribed from the messages when such important matters as Account recovery occur.

5. Data Storage in Log-Files

5.1 During every visit the User agrees on giving permission to the Website to store his/her IP addresses, referring URL, date/time, browser version and operating system, which constitute the sign-up process and allow the verification of the log on accordance with regulations.
5.2 The Website is allowed to use the log data in order to maintain its Service operation, security and optimization.

6. The User’s Data and Third Party Services

6.1 The Website may incorporate a third party content in its Service (YouTube videos, Google Maps and etc.), which requires the User’s IP address to send the content to the User’s browser. Here the Website cannot warrant that the third party will not use the information for other statistical purposes.
6.2 The Website uses Google Analytics services, which allow analyzing the User’s activity on the Website. Accordingly, the User allows the use information to be transmitted and stored by Google on servers in the United States, which will be used on behalf of the Website.
6.3 The Website uses Facebook Social Plugins – Facebook logo - enabling Facebook to receive information about the User having accessed the Website Service.
6.4 The Website uses Google AdWords & Admob remarketing and conversion-tracking tool, which set the User’s cookie (a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while a user is browsing a website) if he/she clicks a Google AdWords ad. The tool stores the cookie for 30 days.
6.5 The Website uses Google AdSense - a web analytics service provided by Google Inc., which allows analyzing the use of the Website Service by using the cookies.
6.6 The Website uses Taboola Company - a content marketing platform, which allows analyzing the use of the Website Service by using the cookies.
6.7 The Website does not undertake any liability for the data gathered by the third parties issued above and their further exploitation.

7. Private Policy Corrections

7.1 The Website has the right to change, modify and amend the latter Private Policy sections.
7.2 In case of amendments, the Website shall contact the User and inform about them.
7.3 In case the User does not agree with the amendments, he/she may opt out from the Service.